When you feel you aren’t making progress

If you feel disheartened by an apparent lack of progress, try to recognise that you’re closer to your goal than you were. Here are some things you might have done:

  1. Worked actively on the project.
  2. Spoke to someone about the project, and got their feedback.
  3. Did some research
  4. Recognised where you needed information or help.
  5. Learnt from previous mistakes
  6. Faced your fear.
  7. Exhibited courage.
  8. Remained calm and didn’t give way to despair or anger.

And recognise that:

  1. You’re still working on the project. You haven’t given up.
  2. You’re still determined to make it work.
  3. You’re resisting the urge to moan.

Now is the time to:

1. Put this book down.

2. Get out your project work list, see what the single next step is, and do it.

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