Wait! Before you commit to the Challenge…

We’re now offering an enhanced version of the Challenge.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Additional, more detailed information each day of the Challenge.
  • A free downloadable Action Plan full of valuable content to help you achieve your goal.
  • Contact the Life Change team for advice for 30 days following the Challenge. Things often occur to us only once we’ve had time to reflect. So it helps to be able to ask follow-up questions.
  • Your final assignment will be personally reviewed by the Challenge leader, Kit Sadgrove, and returned with helpful comments.

And there’s no risk to you, because we provide a no-quibble 14-day full refund.

Check out the benefits of the Enhanced Life  Change Challenge:


  Standard Life Change Challenge Enhanced Life Change Challenge
Structured step-by-step daily activities Yes Yes
Videos to help you make the change Yes Yes
Checklists and plans (standard level) Yes Yes
Daily assignments Yes Yes
Discuss your challenges with other participants Yes Yes
Completion Certificate Yes Yes
Review and wrap up at the end of Day 4 Yes Yes
Editable forms No Yes
Support from the Life Change team No Yes
Additional checklists, worksheets and guides No Yes
Downloadable Life Change Action Plan No Yes
An enhanced final assignment reviewed with personal feedback from the Challenge leader Kit Sadgrove No Yes
30-days free advice from the Life Change Challenge team No Yes
Trophy cups for the five best participants, mailed to their door No Yes
Price Free
£95 / $119
14-day money-back guarantee Not applicable Yes

The Enhanced Life Change Challenge is yours for only £95 or $119. That’s the equivalent of only £24 / $30 for each day’s activity. That’s a small sum to change your life!


Yes! I’m determined to succeed.
Sign me up for the Enhanced Life Change Challenge!

No, I’ll stick with the standard challenge.

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