Want to change your life? It starts here.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I need to change my life”, you’ve come to the right place.


The Life Change  Challenge will help you identify  what change you need in your life, and how to achieve it.

Best of all it won’t cost you anything.

That’s because it’s in beta, and so we’re looking for a small number of people to trial it, and let us know what they think.

You’ll come away with loads of ideas, together with a plan of action.

And once we’ve completed the trial, we’ll remove this page, and future participants will inevitably have to pay to keep the system running.


By participating, you get the benefit of a free programme that will cost £95 / $119 when launched.


The Challenge will help you identify the major change you need to make, and show you how to achieve it.

We, in turn, will know that the Challenge has been thoroughly road tested.


Where to find it

You can find the challenge here: The Life Change Challenge 

And here’s an option encouraging users to take the enhanced version: The Enhanced Challenge


But don’t sign up for anything just yet!

There is guidance below on how to apply for the pre-launch edition.


The purpose of the trial

The trial aims to identify and remove any problems you might unearth, ones we might have overlooked.

So, your task is to work through the Challenge, and hopefully get useful ideas from it.

In addition, we’d like you to tell us what problems, if any, you encounter. The issues might include:

  • Links that don’t work
  • Sections that don’t flow, don’t make sense or are a digression.
  • Anything that is wordy or simply wrong.
  • Misspellings or grammatical errors.

It would be helpful if you could tell us:

  • Which bits you found useful
  • Which parts were least useful or irrelevant
  • Whether anything seemed to be lacking or omitted
  • Overall, what you thought of the process. Did you find it helpful, or a waste of time?


Don’t hold back

In our experience, reviewers tend to be polite, on the grounds that ‘You shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth’.

But we’d much rather get honest criticism, because it’s the only way we can improve it. So don’t hold back. We won’t be offended. By being critical you’ll be doing a favour to the people who pay good money for this.

Please keep a note of any problems you find, and email them to us, preferably as a Word document attached to your email. We will email you a reminder two days before the closing date for comments.

We may subsequently ask your permission to use your comments in our marketing. But you won’t be under any compulsion to agree.


Next steps

If you’re interested, please get in touch using the contact form and put ‘Life Change Challenge’ in the subject line. I encourage you not to delay as we don’t need many testers.

If we’re able to accept you, we’ll give you access to the free version of the Challenge. When it goes live it will take four days, but your version will let you do it as quickly as you want.

This exercise is purely to iron out any wrinkles in the Challenge. We won’t be selling you anything. There are no fees or inducements.

Along the way, the process will add you to our mailing list, but every email has a one-click unsubscribe and is GDPR-compliant.


About us

The Life Change Challenge has developed out of conversations we’ve had with thousands of people over a decade about creating change in their life.

We’ve helped a large number of people succeed. But an even greater number, in particular those who’ve enrolled on our online courses, didn’t get started. And we found that the first step is the hardest. It’s the one thing that holds people back.

And so we’ve codified everything we know into the Life Change Challenge. It’s our way of helping people over that difficult first phase.


You’re already taking your first steps to a different life.

Well done. Unlike many people who daydream about changing their life, you’re actively investigating how to go about that.

And you’re even more advanced than those who grumble to themselves or their friends, but haven’t thought whether anything will ever change.

Most people can’t imagine a life that is different from what they already have. They put up with it, which is such a shame because there’s an amazing future for anyone brave enough to take responsibility for their future.

We all shy away from those difficult conversations with our partner, our family or our boss.

  • We tell ourselves we couldn’t possibly become an author, an elected politician or a lone parent.
  • We couldn’t set up a small business or go travelling.
  • Our parents would never forgive us if we married someone of a different religion, or if we moved away from home.

The list of all the things people say they can’t do just goes on and on. But you’re the opposite.

You’re already half way there, which is pretty amazing.

So I hope you’ll sign up for the beta. The worst outcome is that you’ll spend a few hours of your life, and say, ‘That wasn’t much good’.

But you might equally end up saying, “I’ve made up my mind. This is what I’m going to do. No one is going to hold me back. And I know the steps I’ll take.”

So finally, thanks for reading this. Whether or not you participate in the Challenge I wish you the very best for the future. I know you’ll succeed.

Kit Sadgrove

Founder, The Life Change Challenge

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