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Day 3 Assignment

Write an overview

Instructions on doing this assignment

Note: Your work may be seen by others if you make it visible. Do not include any personal information (contact details, people’s names etc). You can write as much or as little as you want. You must submit this assignment today, or it will not be accepted.  

Now answer these questions

Have you decided how you will make your change?

What steps will you take?

What tools will you use?

Which section of this day did you find most useful?

Were there any sections that didn’t relate to you?

Have you created a mindmap? We’d love to see it.

Do you use a reminder system?

Will you adopt any rituals?

Will you stay on for Day 4, or end the Challenge here?


None yet.

Solutions will be accepted between 23 June 2022 and 28 June 2022.

None yet.

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