You Don’t Need Luck, Just Pluck

Some people think they’re dogged by bad luck, while others think they’re lucky.

Truth is, neither is right. And here’s why.

In an experiment done by Richard Wiseman in The Luck Factor, he discovered that people who considered themselves lucky hadn’t noticed the steps they’d taken to succeed. One woman talked about how she ‘just happened’ to find a partner one evening, ‘quite by accident’. But she omitted to say that she regularly went out to social events and mixed with people.

Others, who stayed at home and watched TV, thought they were ‘unlucky’, because good things didn’t happen to them.

The lesson here is that we make our own luck. 

And ‘Bad luck’ can sometimes happen because we’ve made bad choices.

So, if you haven’t been successful in the things you have tried, you may not have failed enough times.

What I mean is, most things fail. You have to try a great many in order to succeed. Whether it’s finding a partner, setting up a new business venture or applying for jobs, you have to meet enough people, try enough business ideas, or apply for enough jobs.

And you have to do each of them right. If you put off prospective partners by your attitude, you won’t succeed. Some people give off negative vibes. They may be tense,  nervous, or stand-offish. They may have defensive body language, be involved with their phone, or seem bored.

Are you applying for a job, and getting nowhere? That could be for many reasons. If you get interviews, that’s a good sign, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Just keep persevering. If you aren’t being invited to an interview, it’s time to review what you’re doing.

As for new business ventures, I’ve had more failures than most people have had hot dinners. And I’m still looking and trying things. I remind myself you only need one idea to work, and it’ll support you for a long time. Many of my ideas simply don’t capture other people’s imagination. It’s a shame. I think they’re wrong. But there’s nothing I can do about it.

Now do the ‘Luck not Pluck’ Worksheet. You’ll find it here: Luck not Pluck Worksheet


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