Killing those Ants (automatic negative thoughts)

As well as being busy little creatures, Ants are ‘Automatic Negative Thoughts’.

They’re the self-defeating thoughts that pop into your head when an opportunity presents itself.

Offered promotion? Better not take it. It’ll involve more work, say the Ants.

Fancy someone? They’re out of my class, say the Ants.

Stand up to the boss? It’ll only cause problems, they say.

So it’s good to stop for a moment and ask yourself which ones you have. Here are mine:

  • I’m not very practical
  • I’m a bit disorganised
  • I’m not good in the mornings
  • I can’t be bothered with small details
  • I’m not good at dealing with other people
  • I don’t get involved with management-type issues

Hmm, that’s a lot of negative thoughts. They’ll stop me achieving a range of things, from putting up pictures on the wall to dealing properly with problem people in my life. I need to replace them with more positive thoughts.


What about your Ants?

Write a list of them here. Take time over this. Come back and add to it when you find a voice in your head saying something that limits you.

There’s a fillable form here: My list of Ants form

And write and tell me about your list. I’m interested in hearing from you.


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