Kick the clutter

Most of us have stuff we don’t need. Possessions make us feel secure, but too many of them clutter our lives.

This is where Agency comes into play. Work out what you have too much of, and you don’t use, and get rid of it.

Like everything else in the Agency playbook, de-cluttering hurts. I have books from my university days. Seeing them on a shelf tells me I’m intelligent and cultured. It’s a different me, but it’s a small but nevertheless important part of my persona.

I’ve also got some antique furniture. The pieces didn’t cost much: I bought most of them from a run-down shop that rented space to stall holders. The house no longer has space for my two beautiful corner cupboards and a 17th century table. I’ve asked a local auction house to take them away, preferably when I’m away so I can’t see them go.

You may have old football programmes, or china inherited from your parents. Can you photograph the items and keep only the digital version? That way you’ll have the best of both worlds – having it without the clutter.

Can you store it better? Thanks to RightMove and other house move websites you can see into people’s homes, and all too often people have failed to put up shelves, or get cheap storage units. Storage bins solve many problems, because they are interchangeable, help you sort items, and some are stackable. Consider also trays, jars and hooks.

Where to get rid of stuff

  • Sell it on eBay
  • Give it to charity shops
  • Leave it outside your house, with a note saying ‘Free to a good home’.
  • Post an offer on, or

Once the stuff has gone, you’ll don’t miss it. You’ll find it’s hard to even remember what you once owned.

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