Get Up and Go – Identify the main problem

We’ve established there’s something you must do. There’s a challenge in your life, one that needs solving.

Let’s do the wheel of life. How happy are you with the main elements of your life? Think about these elements: money, career, health, power, friends, family, partner, community, health and recreation.

In the wheel below, shade in your satisfaction with each element, with 10 for total satisfaction, and 1 for complete dissatisfaction.

Click here for a downloadable copy.

Put a score out of ten for each. Then ignore any that you scored six or more. Life isn’t perfect. At least one aspect of your life will stand out as being bad. It’s the One Big Change you need to make. It’s the one you need to fix.

If you’re not into charts, write down the numbers on this table instead.

What does this tell you about your life? In particular, what areas do you need to fix?

Write the answers in the table below.

Did I omit your One Big Change? Email me using the contact page on this site. If I get enough requests I may add it here.


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