Get Up and Go – Find people who know

You still can’t decide? Maybe you don’t have enough information? Perhaps you need to know about costs or risks, about technology or the law?

Is it time to call a friend? Work out what you need to know, and then find an expert.

Legal: Find a a lawyer. Or go to a website that specialises in that area. Lots of lawyers give away their information for free, knowing that some people will need more tailored advice. Most will give you 30 minutes of free advice. Have your questions ready. Take a notebook so you don’t forget what they said.

Finance: Ask an accountant, or a bookkeeper (who will be cheaper). Or go to a specialised website.

Technology: ask an IT person. You can send a message to the website of one or two businesses, and see what they say.

Your job: Talk to a recruitment consultant. They get paid by any client of their’s whom they place you with. As with other professionals, they will give you advice for free.

Self employment: Most towns and cities have small business advisers.

And last but not least:

Friends with skills and/or the ability to listen and give impartial advice.

Now fill in the action plan below.

 Did I omit your One Big Change? Email me at If I get enough requests I may add it here.

With best wishes
Kit Sadgrove
Founder, Get Up And Go

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