Get Up and Go – Examples of Big Change

Let’s take a quick look at the big changes people want to make. They’ll help you zero in on your particular need.

The issues range from the simple (keeping a goldfish) to the really dramatic. Let’s have a look.

Change your job

If you dread Monday morning, or have a boss who breathes down your neck, you should be looking for another job. Tidy your CV and set up notifications on or your favourite job board.

Change your career

It’s easy to fall into a career that we never intended to, whether because your parents said it was sensible, or because someone offered you a job. If what you do doesn’t inspire you, it’s time to think more widely about what your ideal career would look like, and start making plans.

Go travelling

If you don’t have dependants, you could be going to exotic places; and it needn’t cost a fortune. Seeing how people live in other parts of the world is always unforgettable, especially if you travel cheaply, such as going by bus. Even if you have children and need to travel locally, camping out or spending a few days by the sea can refresh your life.

Find a partner

Some of us are so busy we don’t find time for romance. But it’s good to have someone to share experiences with. So, if you lack a partner, now is the time to get a good dating app and widen your circle of local friends.

Get a more suitable partner

If your partner isn’t responsive to your needs, isn’t caring, or has selfish ways, you should let them know, and discuss it in a grow-up way. But if they don’t change, and you’re aren’t getting any closer, maybe it’s time for a change. Worse still, if they are abusive or controlling, it’s definitely time to leave.

Have a baby

Are you at the right stage of life for children? Are you ready for the complete change of lifestyle that comes with it? If so, now is the time to discuss it with your partner and make plans. As more couples delay the decision due to carer and money needs, it can get harder to conceive.

Get a pet

We’re a nation of pet lovers. They reduce your stress and give you a whole new outlook on life. But they tie you down, some more than others. If you like to go on holiday or travel for work, you’ll need to find someone to manage the pet when you’re away.

Change your friends

You are the average of the five people you’re closest to. And if they have a negative outlook, or don’t live life to the full, they will reduce your opportunities. If so, seek new friends by getting more involved in your community. Try joining a reading club, a knitting circle, a men’s shed, or a local history group.

Write your autobiography

With 25-year old celebrities writing (or ghost writing) their autobiography, why not write your own. It will be a precious gift for those who come after you. It will also help you reflect on your life, think about your future, and if you keep it private you can tell it about the bad things that have happened to you.

Keep a diary

We talk later in the book about how a diary helps you review each day. Some people find a gratitude diary helps them develop a positive mindset. So, apart from being a change in itself, it can help you make other changes in your life.

Write a book

60% of Brits want to write a book and and 81% of Americans feel them have a book in them. Most of them want to write a novel. And why not? Today it’s easy to get your book published – just put it on Kindle.

Get more active

If you’re developing a tummy or a ‘dad bod’, you may decide to get fit. Maybe the gym works for you? Or active walks. Experts talk about building activity into your life, by taking the stairs rather than the lift, and getting off the bus one stop before yours.

Eat better

Changing your diet can have a big impact on your appearance and your longevity. It starts with cutting out the take aways, the biscuits, the pastry covered foods, and the sugary drinks. None of this is news. There is plenty of advice on the internet.

Change your image

If you always wear the same clothes and have the same hairstyle, a new look could be the start of a new you. It might make others see you in a new light, rather than taking you for granted. And it’s one way to avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Get more sleep

Sleep has an important effect on how effective you are in the day. But one in three adults don’t get enough. Some of us go to bed and then flick through Instagram or Facebook. Others stay up late watching TV. Do you need to set yourself a target time to turn the lights out? And do you have a sleep app?

Set up a side gig

Maybe you have an interest you could turn into an income stream? A side gig could let you earn money on the side, without having to abandon your livelihood. And who knows, it could turn into something big.

Change house

Sometimes we have to change house, for example if we have to move jobs. But it can be a voluntary move, too. Perhaps your existing town or city is uninteresting or too noisy? And if you like where you live, maybe the house is too small, or not close to schools or parks? If so, start to research where your dream home would be.

Give up alcohol

Alcohol can be relaxing, but for some it’s also a bad habit. Drinking every day is probably bad for your liver and may impair your sleep. Dry January is popular, but you can decide to cut down at anytime, or even give up permanently.

Watch less television

As a nation we watch a huge amount of television, especially if you include the time spent watching it on tablets and laptops. Being more discerning can reduce the time you spend, and perhaps give you a better TV experience.

Cut down on social media

We’re learning that Instagram can be bad for your self-image, while Facebook can absorb huge amounts of time. Are there better things you could be doing?

Learn something new

Ever thought about keeping bees, learning how to build your own furniture or discovering practical mechanics? Or how about learning Spanish or Italian? Classes can be quite informal, and may help you make friends. It also keeps your brain sharp, and gives you a new interest in life.


Volunteering helps us focus on people less fortunate than ourselves, which will improve your mental health and banish depression. True happiness comes from the feeling of being useful and helping others. There’s a charity for every kind of interest. You could even set up your own.

What’s the One Big Change you need to make?

Choose only one item, and mark it in the middle column.

Then in the end column, tick any items that will help you achieve your One Big Change.

You can download an editable version here: The One Big Change.

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With best wishes
Kit Sadgrove
Founder, Get Up And Go

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