Get Up and Go – Define your What and Why

I want us to define the What and the Why of the change you’re seeking

The What and Why? is short for: ‘What do I need to change?’, and ‘Why do I need to do that?’

You need to be able to explain – to yourself and others – what you need to do and why you need to make the change.

If you can’t, or if it doesn’t seem important, it’s not worth doing.

If you’re in the lucky position of not needing to make real change in your life, you can stop reading this book now.

But let’s assume something is bugging you. And let’s define your Why.

Here’s the statements you need to complete.



Here are some examples:

I need to leave my partner so that I can escape them manipulating me

I need to get a new job so that I don’t have to be in my current exploitative environment any more

I need to spend less than I earn so that I can get out of debt.

I need to get out regularly so I can meet someone who will be my life long partner.

I need to stop being a doormat, so that I can stop people taking advantage of me.

Here is a table for you to fill in your Why. I have put in several rows, in case there are several areas of your life you need to address.

Did I omit your One Big Change? Email me at If I get enough requests I may add it here.

With best wishes
Kit Sadgrove
Founder, Get Up And Go

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