Get Up and Go – Clearing your mind

When you’re feeling oppressed, go for a walk. A change of scene helps clear the mind. It frees and resets your brain. It gives you time to think. And clarity is what you need. Give your brain time, and it will tell you what you need to do.

Walking among trees has been shown to reduce stress, and aid your immune system. Light exercise, of the sort that involves walking, makes you more alert, improves your digestive system, and helps you concentrate. Take some exercise every day.

If I need to prioritise things, or clarify my thoughts, I lie on the sofa, and close my eyes. Even while I’m at work, but not all the time! In fact I’m surprised that no one has a sofa at work. If you Google the phrase, ‘benefit of lying on a sofa at work’ it brings up almost no results. This is because too few people consider the possibility of letting the brain mull over a problem. But being horizontal helps. After a while my brain tells me what I should be doing. But don’t lie on a bed or get too cosy, or you might fall asleep.

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With best wishes
Kit Sadgrove
Founder, Get Up And Go

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