The Coaching Framework

Our coaching programme will help you change your life.

We focus on The One Big Change you need to make. It helps you separate the really important things from the small stuff. It gives you clarity.

For example, cleaning the kitchen may feel important, but understanding the route to personal growth will have a bigger impact on your life.

Our CEMSI framework (we pronounce it Kemsi) helps you achieve that. It’s a five-step programme that gives you the clarity and focus to change your life.


CEMSI Change Framework
The CEMSI Framework. Click to enlarge.


Stage 1: Clarify.

What is the One Big Change you want to make?


Stage 2. Eliminate

Most people have a range of issues they want to tackle. We understand that. The elimination process recognises that you can’t do everything at once. What can we remove from the process?


Stage 3: Motivation

Are you ready to make the change? If not, do you need a small goal or an intermediary step? If necessary we’ll return to Stages 1 or 2 for a re-think.


Stage 4: Steps

Now we’ll set out the route you’ll take. What will your first and subsequent steps be?


Stage 5: Implementation

Now you’re taking action, with your accountability coach by your side.


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