Decisions don’t have to be forever

Weirdly, this is one of the most powerful tools I use.

Why? Because it makes every decision less challenging.

I say to myself, ‘It doesn’t have to be forever. If it turns out to be the wrong decision, what will I do?’

I usually find there is a way back, or a different route to follow.

Knowing that ‘it isn’t forever’ lessens the importance of each decision. You can usually make a second or third decision afterwards. That lessens the fear.

Here’s what it looks like in a table:

The decision I have to make  What to do if it’s the wrong choice?
What happens if I leave my partner, and I regret it?  I could go back to them and say I was wrong. It won’t be easy, but people do it.

Now fill in this table with the decisions you have to make.

The decision I have to makeWhat to do if it’s the wrong choice?

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