Challenge Wait List

Challenge Wait List

The Life Change ChallengeTM is where your new life begins.  And it’s free of charge.

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Across five days, you’ll identify and implement the One Big ChangeTM you’re seeking in your life.




                Sorry, the Challenge is now over.
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What are you seeking to change?

Most of us know we need to change something major. But it's hard, very hard, to get started.

What about you? Are you seeking a change in your work life? Perhaps you want to gain promotion, or even change your job?

Maybe you've thought of setting up a side gig, becoming self-employed or running your own business?

Do you want to become a published author? A trainer? Or a social media influencer?

Perhaps it's a problem with your personal relationships? Do you need to find a partner? Have children. Or have a serious talk with your spouse about where your life is headed?

Maybe it's a family matter, such as changing how you relate to your parents or your siblings.

Or you could be feeling unfulfilled. Perhaps you need to find a deeper, more spiritual meaning in life?

Whatever the change you need,
the 4-Day Life Change Challenge will

be the most profound step you'll ever take.
It could change your life for ever.

This will be the moment you break free from the restraints that surround you.

You'll move from anxiety to action. It could take you from fear to fame.

On the Life Change Challenge you'll find the determination to break down the barriers that hold you back.

It's time to make a stand.
Join the Life Change Challenge now.


How does it work?

After you sign up, we'll notify you when the Challenge opens.

It runs over four days, with the fourth day being optional.

On the Challenge site, you'll find worksheets, quizzes, ideas and suggestions.

There are exercises for you to do, and an Assignment at the end of the day.

You can post your thoughts, and see what other people are saying.

At the end of the Challenge, you'll get a certificate. But more importantly you'll come away knowing what change you need to make, and how you'll maker it happen.


What you'll discover

Day 1 helps you understand what you need to change. To do this we use the Problem Identification Toolkit. By the end of the day, you'll have a clear idea of what you need to change in your life, and why. We help you crystallise your thoughts.

Day 2 involves the Change Readiness Toolkit. We discuss what you can and can't change, and how to prepare for your One Big ChangeTM. We also look at the obstacles in your way and how to overcome them.

On Day 3 we use the Big Change Toolkit to help you implement your change. If you know what you need to change, but haven't got started, this is really helpful and important. And if you do your daily assignments, you'll get a Certificate at the end of Day 3.

By this stage you may be raring to go. You'll know what you have to do, and how to achieve it. In which case we highly recommend you get started.

But some of us face an uphill battle in making their change happen. You may be affected by indecision or anxiety. You could be troubled by the scale of the change. So we've added one extra day, Day 4, which gives you The Mental Toolkit, again free of charge, to help you move forward.


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About the Leader

Over the last ten years Kit Sadgrove has helped thousands of people achieve their One Big ChangeTM. He's now codified that into the Life Change ChallengeTM.

As well as being a successful author, Kit runs a successful distance learning business. He's also created two not-for-proft organisations that use remote training techniques to help disadvantaged people.

Kit is married with five children. In his spare time he gets out in the fresh air, either in his old MG soft top car or his ageing Honda motorcycle.


Who should participate?

You should be:

  1. Committed to making change in your life. You should be feeling the need to do something different.
  2. Able to spend 3- 4 days (the 4th day is optional). There aren't timed events, because we have people from different parts of the world. But you'll need at least a couple of hours each day
  3. Willing to put in the effort. There are worksheets, quizzes and the assignment. You need to set time aside for self-reflection, time to think.

The Challenge isn't for people who are:

  1. Too busy. Sure, we're all busy. But if you can't invest the time in yourself, you won't get any value from the challenge.
  2. Totally contented. If you don't have an urge to change something in your life, this isn't for you.

Questions people ask

Will the Challenge be available afterwards?

Nope. At the end of Day 4, we close the Challenge. The information is too valuable to be left lying around. If you've done the work you'll have downloaded the worksheets and guidance documents.

Is there a limit on delegates?

Yes, we're limiting the event to 150 participants, so we can give adequate support to those who attend. We expect it to sell out.

Are there set times on the four days?

No, you'll do the Challenge at your own pace. You can join at any point on each day. That makes it easier for people in different time zones.

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