Beta Readers

Beta Readers


Beta Readers Wanted

I’m looking for a small number of beta readers for Get up and Go, the book that accompanies this website.

 And I’d love it if you could help me out!

How it works

 Companies in the tech industry give their app to beta testers before launching it. It helps to get rid of unforeseen bugs.

 A beta reader does the same thing for books. You get to read a book prior to publication, and comment on it.

 As a beta reader you will help to perfect the book, because I’m too close to it. You’ll see it with fresh eyes.

 I will send you your personal copy in Google Docs form. It will work on PCs and Apple computers.

 You just type your comments anywhere you think fit. 

Yes, I’ll be a Get Up and Go beta reader.

What kind of things should you look for?

Don’t hold back on your comments. Be as straightforward
as you want! Here are some things you might want to say:


      I don’t understand this.

      This bit goes on too long.

      You haven’t talked about …..

      Spelling or grammar mistake

      I’ve heard all this before


      Not an interesting case study

      I’m lost

 And if there is some content you like, please

say so. I can then highlight or expand it for future readers.


What do you get out of it?

 1.   You’ll be able to say, “I helped shape the book”.

 2.   You’ll learn how to achieve your One Big Change.

 3.   I will keep you up to date on the book’s progress. 

4.   You’ll improve the book, which will aid future readers.

 5.   I will add your name to the credits (given sufficient input).


How long have I got?

The book should only take you around four

hours, because it’s quite short – around 40,000 words. So I will need our comments back in a week.

 I may get in touch to get your thoughts in more detail.