Make little steps forward


Luck doesn’t come into it

False Friends or Actual Allies?

Take the quiz

Would an Accountability Partner help you?

6 Ways to Deal with Disaster

How to Deal with Doubt

Are you biased?

Ask for permission or apologise afterwards?

It’s OK to be competitive

Why failure leads to freedom

Stay calm. Anger doesn’t help

Killing those Ants (automatic negative thoughts)

There’s no such word as ‘Can’t’

You Don’t Need Luck, Just Pluck

Don’t Be the Door Mat

Saviour behaviour

The inferiority trap

When anxiety halts you

How to Develop Critical Thinking

Get the Pro Mindset

Counselling can be a trap. There are other solutions

Kick the clutter

To survive the 21st century you need 21st century skills.

Decisions don’t have to be forever

Are you talking or hearing?

How to Focus on the One Big Thing

Getting in control of your life.

When you feel you aren’t making progress

Your Life Change: Big or Small? Which is best?

Thinking the unthinkable

Things change – and so must we

Focus on what you can control

How to make better choices

Let’s Walk Backwards

2.6 Clearing your mind

Are you ‘Escaping From’ or ‘Changing To’?

2.4 Find people who know

2.3 What if I can’t decide? 

2.2 Identify the main problem

2.1 Define your What and Why

1.6 Active or Passive?

1.5 Types of change

The people and things that hold you back

1.3 Your new Magic Word

1.2 Examples of Big Change

1.1 What change are you seeking?