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Could an accountability coach help you achieve your goal faster?


What is an Accountability Partner? And how useful are they? The Pros and Cons

The one thing that makes a real difference to achieving change is having someone to hold you accountable. It could be a friend, your partner, or a coach.

Once you tell someone you’re embarked on a project, you’re committed to it. You’ve gone public. Your own self-respect will urge you to complete the task. Otherwise, when your friend enquires, ‘How’s that project doing?’, you’d have to admit you’ve given up or delayed it.

Accountability partners vary in their usefulness and competence. Ideally you need someone who is objective, and doesn’t push their own agenda. They need to respect your independence and not make you take steps that don’t match who you are.

They need to be regularly in touch, at least monthly, and be committed to helping you achieve change.

If you’re unsure of your direction, need advice or just want a shoulder to cry on, an accountability coach will be the person you can turn to. It means you won’t make the journey alone. You’ll always have someone you can turn to when in need.

In short, if you want to achieve change, an accountability partner makes it easier.

At Get Up and Go we have professional accountability coaches who are trained in helping people achieving their goal. If you’d like a free phone or zoom conversation with one of them, let us know. We seek to pair you with someone who shares the same experiences and goals as you, and is also a professional accountability coach. Even if you decide not to use them you’ll come away with ideas and systems for making a big change in your life.

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